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Designing your home is an exciting part of the building journey as you get to decide what will be in your home! I have a wide range of standard home designs that you can modify to suit your needs. That could be making the Ensuite larger to include a free-standing bath and double vanity, or moving the kids bedrooms to the rear of the home. 

However, if you can't find a standard design that you are happy with, I can help! We can create a custom home design that meets your requirements. Five bedrooms? Easy. Separate kitchenette for the in-laws? We can do it. 

I also work within your budget. I want you to be happy in your new home, so don't want you to be financially overstretched.



Should you build a new home or buy established? It's a question that I am often asked and the truth is that both options have their own advantages. 


Established homes are often located closer to the city on larger blocks and already have existing infrastructure like schools and shops nearby. The process of buying an established home is quicker compared to building, but that is assuming you can find a home that you like. In property markets that are hot (like Perth in 2022), established homes sell quickly and well above the asking price. You may need to consider doing renovations to make a home meet your needs.

In comparison, building a new home allows you to design the home exactly how you want. From the layout to the colour of the taps, the home is truly yours. Lower deposit requirements and the $10,000 First Home Owner Grant make it an attractive option for many first home buyers who struggle to save a 20% deposit. 


Ask yourself- is this my first home or my forever home?


If this is the first and a stepping stone to something bigger in the future, we ensure that the home meets your budget and is comfortable to live in. It may not have everything you want, but that free-standing bath can wait until later.


If this is your forever home, make a list of what your non-negotiables are. Do you want 4 bedrooms, or do you need 4 bedrooms? Now's the time when you can install that free-standing bath, so it's important to get the layout right so your family can live there for the next 15 plus years. 

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