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Lets start Building!

The building process is split into two parts. The Pre-Construction Process and the Construction Process. 

The Pre-Construction Process (Generally 2-3 months)


Fact Find & Finance Assessment

I collect information from you and my finance broker does a thorough assessment to determine your finance options and borrowing capacity. I then provide you with a plan of action and if you are ready to proceed, I arrange an appointment with your finance broker.


Find a Block & Sign a Land Contract

I find suitable land options in your preferred areas. Once you have decided on a block, you sign a Land Contract, subject to Finance Approval, with the seller/developer and pay a deposit.


Confirm a House Design & Sign a Preliminary Building Agreement

I discuss suitable designs and any changes and inclusions you require. Once I have finalised your house requirements you sign the Agreement and pay a non-refundable deposit so Move Homes can commence with your project.


Order a Site Survey & Site Classification

Once Move Homes has received your deposit, they arrange a Site Survey and Site Classification to determine accurate site provisions so there are no hidden costs and surprises.


Prepare & Sign Drawings & Building Contract

Once Move Homes has received the Site Survey and Site Classification details, their design and administration teams prepare your Working Drawings and Building Contract.


Submit application for Finance Approval

As soon as the Drawings and Cotract are ready, we forward these to your finance broker. Your finance broker will then meet with you to finalise the application and then submit to the bank. The time-frame for receiving Finance Approval will depend on your circumstances and the bank.


Land Settlement

Once finance is approved, settlement can proceed. Settlement is when the bank pays for your block of land. You will be required to pay the balance of any deposits & fees to the settlement agent. Your settlement agent will coordinate settlement with all the relevant parties.


Pre-start Appointment

Once your finance has been approved, Move Homes will invite you to their showroom to select internal and external colours, finishes, fixtures/fittings, electricals and any upgrades. 


Pre-start Variations Quotation

Move Homes will send you a quotation with a list of any variations you requested at pre-start. This will need to be approved and sent back to them to prepare the final building documentation.


Final Building Documentation

Once you have received, signed and returned your final plans and documents Move Homes will apply for final approvals before the job can go to site.


Council and other approvals

Move Homes obtains final approvals such as council approvals (Building Permit).


Job to site

As soon as the Building Permit has been received, the builder commences construction. 


Construction time image.png

The Construction Process (Generally 6-7 months)

Site and services are checked by the supervisor in preparation for earthworks

Site prepared for concrete slab

The slab is poured forming the foundation of your home


Drainage is installed to remove waste water from your home

Your house is starting to take shape, external and internal brickwork is laid creating the structure of your home


The structural framework for your roof is installed to support the roof cover

The gutters and downpipes are installed

Water and Gas provisions are installed

Electrical cables are installed and will be connected closer to completion

Installation of roof cover

First coat of cement applied to the internal walls

Installation of gyprock to ceilings and cornice

Final coat of white plaster is applied to the internal walls

Installation of doors and window glazing to secure the property 

Internal cabinetry is installed


Tiles are laid throughout your home

Shower screens and mirrors are installed to bathroom and ensuite


Internal and external painting applied throughout your home

Plumbing is connected throughout your home

Gas is connected throughout your home

Final Connection and installation of electrical fittings

Concrete is poured to the garage

Brick paving is installed to the front and rear as required

A remote controlled garage door is installed

Insulation is installed

Builders clean takes place prior to inspections

A Practical Completion inspection is conducted to identify any items for attention prior to handover

A Handover inspection is conducted to ensure all items raised at the PCI have been attended to

Your new home is complete and keys are ready to be collected

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