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It starts with Finance!

Unless you are one of the lucky ones with lots of cash because you have just won the lotto, most of us need to borrow money from a bank. You can do this by either going directly to a bank or by engaging a finance broker. But we all know the banks will just look after their own interests and will not give you any advice about another bank. On the other hand, a finance broker works for you and looks after your best interests. The finance broker will do a full assessment of your situation, understand your requirements and then present you with the best options and deals. 


Will it cost you anything to use a finance broker?


NO! A finance broker is paid by the bank for arranging your loan and the ongoing servicing of your loan.  

What are some of the benefits of using a finance broker?


  • They have access to most banks

  • They will talk you through your options and how much you can borrow (even if you have poor credit history)

  • They will explain what deposits and fees you will require

  • They will explain what your loan repayments will be

  • They will submit your application for approval

  • They will process your progress payment invoices throughout the construction period

  • They will assist with any government products and grants you may be eligible for

  • They will provide you with a Plan of Action if you are not ready to proceed

  • They will assist you with re-financing in the future if required

  • They will provide assistance with other financial services products like personal loans, debt consolidation, financial planning, insurance products etc


Do I recommend using a finance broker?

YES! A finance broker is a professional and licensed financial services provider. They are the experts when it comes to finding the best finance solutions according to your circumstances. Particularly when it comes to 1st home buyers I absolutely recommend using a finance broker. Why? Because it will save you time and money, take the hassle and stress out of the whole process and give you peace of mind. 


Am I eligible to get finance and how much can I borrow?

I work with a great team of finance brokers who will give you a detailed FREE finance assessment. I strongly encourage you to get a very good understanding of all your options before handing over a deposit to any land agents and building consultants. Sadly I have seen too many people losing their hard earned money because they have not been properly assessed and qualified. Make sure you have something in writing from a finance specialist confirming your eligibility before you hand over any deposits!

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