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Earn some cash!!

You can earn $3,000 by referring to me

Paying referral fees is my way of saying thank you and showing my gratitude for all the support I am getting. Networking is my business model and it helps me to get more people into their own home!

But it’s important that people are referring to me, and anyone else, for the right reasons and not just for the money. Do you trust me and know that I will do the right thing by you, your family and your friends? Building a home is a long-term investment and a huge commitment and you don’t want any disappointment.

Will it cost more to build with me because I pay referral fees?

No. Businesses have a marketing strategy/model and budget. My builder is unique in that much of their marketing budget goes back into the community and not into costly advertising and many display homes. As many know, my focus and support over the past 10 years has been in the Filipino community.

With some builders it’s quite possible that you could be paying more on your house because they hide some of these fees in their pricing.  If someone offers you a very high referral fee then ask them where this is coming from.

Will I pay higher referral fees?

​$3,000 is a lot of money! Referring people should not be a “business”. There will always be some who will try to exploit referral fees for their own benefit. We all love to earn some extra money, but that shouldn’t be the only motivation for referring. We refer people to restaurants, businesses, beautiful places around the world etc because we want them to have a good experience. Your number 1 motivation for referring your family and friends is because you want them to have a wonderful experience.

Some people tell me they can get more money from some other builders but they refer to me because they know they can trust me with their family and friends. 

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