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Choosing your location 

Location location location!

Your home could experience large increases or decreases in value over time simply due to the location. So, deciding where you want to live and build your beautiful new home is a very important decision. 

Your home is an investment. To give yourself the best chance of seeing good growth and return in the years ahead, you need to take the time to do the research and gather the information needed so you can make the best possible decision.  

Generally, the most desirable locations are: ​

 - Areas with top-rated schools

 - Areas close to recreation, nature and scenic views

 - Areas close to entertainment, shopping and health care

 - Areas close to public transport

 - Areas close to jobs

 - Economically stable areas

Generally, the most undesirable locations are: ​

 - Commercial and industrial areas

 - Areas close to freeways, train lines or near flight paths

 - High crime areas

 - Economically depressed areas

 - Areas close to hazards

Once you have chosen your location, you then need to carefully consider a suitable block for your new home in the land estate or development.

Things to consider when selecting your block:


 - The value for money of the block

 - The location of the block within the estate

 - Whether the block is cleared and ready for building

 - The site works costs involved with the block

 - Whether the block is big enough for the home design you need

 - The orientation of the block

​The decision you make will often come down to what you can afford. The higher your borrowing capacity and your budget, the more options you will have.

I can assist you with house & land packages all over Perth stretching as far north as Two Rocks and Yanchep, north east to Ellenbrook, south east to Byford and down south to Pinjarra and Dawesville. And everything in between!

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