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Choosing your home design

When designing a home, there is a lot to consider. The home may need to comply with things such as the shire planning policies, energy efficiency requirements, sound attenuation requirements, residential design codes, building codes of Australia, land developer requirements, bushfire attack level requirements etc.

To make the design process smooth and stress-free for you, most builders have a large range of standard designs for you to select from. These designs range in size, shape and layout to accommodate with small and large budgets and requirements. There is usually something for everyone.


Choosing a builder's standard design is the most cost effective option because these designs are ready to go. Most builders will charge you a lot more for modifying their standard designs or coming up with a completely new custom design. The reason for this is because they have to spend time and money to produce a new design.  


However, if you can't find a standard design that you are happy with and have something else in mind, no problemo! I will work with you and together we will come up with a design that meets your requirements. And the good news is that due to the good relationship I have with Move Homes you won't have to pay more for a modified or custom design. How good is that!  

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